Laboratory of cellular and molecular immunology 

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Czech Science Foundation (GAČR):
1) Investigator: Klára Kostovčíková, PhD.
Microbial metabolites and dietary factors influencing genome and epigenome in colorectal cancer development. (Co-investigator: Jiří Killer, PhD.; Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics of the Czech Acad. Sci., Prague; Co-investigator: Pavel Vodička, MD. PhD.; Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Czech Acad. Sci., Prague)
Reg. No.: 20-03997S, 2020 - 2022

Czech Health Research Council - Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic (AZV):
1) Co-investigator: Zuzana Jirásková Zakostelska, PhD.
Microbiota as a biomarker for prediction of mucocutaneous adverse effects of biologics used in inflammatory bowel disease. (Investigator: prof. Jana Hercogová, MD., PhD.; Hospital Na Bulovce, Prague)
Reg. No.: NV18-09-00493, 2018 - 2021
2) Co-investigator: Klára Kostovčíková (Klimešová), PhD.
Gestational diabetes mellitus - contribution of entero-insular axis hormones, selected adipokines and gut microbiota to its different phenotypes. (Investigator: assoc. prof. David Karásek, MD., PhD.; Palacky University, Olomouc)
Reg. No.: NV18-01-00139, 2018 - 2021
3) Co-investigator: Miloslav Kverka, MD., PhD.
Study on association between intestinal microbiome and increased risk of chronic inflammatory diseases of locomotor system, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. (Investigator: prof. Jan Štěpán, MD. DSc.; Institute of Rheumatology, Prague)
Reg. No.: NV18-05-00394, 2018 - 2021
4) Co-investigator: Miloslav Kverka, MD., PhD.
Fecal microbiota transplantation in cancer patients treated with checkpoint inhibitor therapy. (Investigator: prof. Luboš Petruželka, MD. PhD.; General University Hospital in Prague, Prague; Co-investigator: prof. Jiří Beneš, MD., PhD.; Hospital Na Bulovce, Prague)
Reg. No.: NV19-03-00179, 2019 - 2022
5) Co-investigator: Zuzana Jirásková Zakostelska, PhD.
Microbiome, its role in effectiveness of immunomodulatory therapy and pathogenesis of MS. (Investigator: prof. Eva Kubala Havrdová, MD. PhD.; General University Hospital in Prague, Prague)
Reg. No.: NU20-04-00077, 2020 - 2023
6) Investigator: Zuzana Jirásková Zakostelska, PhD.
The role of microbiome in the development of atopic dermatitis and food allergy in infants and toddlers. (Co-investigator: Andrea Poloučková, MD.; Motol University Hospital, Prague)
Reg. No.: NU20-05-00038, 2020 - 2023
7) Co-investigator: Klára Kostovčíková, PhD.
The role of microbiome in pathogenesis of intraocular, systemic and central nervous system lymphoma. (Investigator: prof. Jarmila Heissigerová, MD. PhD.; First Faculty of Medicine, Charles Universit in Prague, Prague; Co-investigator: prof. Marek Trněný, MD. PhD.; General University Hospital in Prague, Prague)
Reg. No.: NU20-03-00253, 2020 - 2023

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA ČR):
1) Co-investigator: Daniel Sánchez, PhD.
Development of gluten-free, nutrient-rich pastry employing new technological approaches and new raw materials and evaluating their putative healthy risk. (Investigator: Martina Králová; Perník s.r.o.)
Reg. No.: TH03010019, 2018 - 2021

Czech Academy of Sciences:
1) Co-investigators: prof. Helena Tlaskalová-Hogenová, MD., DSc.
Strategy AV21: Foods for the future. (Coordinator: prof. Jaroslav Doležel, DSc., Institute of Experimental Botany of theCzech Acad. Sci., Olomouc)
Reg. No.: Research programme No. 19 
2) Investigator: Miloslav Kverka, MD., PhD.
The effect of microbiota on inflammation and carcinogenesis.
Reg. No.: Lumina quaeruntur LQ200202105, 2021 - 2025

Charles university - START programme:
1) Investigator: Zuzana Jacková
Interaction of microbes with gut mucosal immune system and its consequences for the inflammatory diseases. (Co-investigator: Lenka Súkeníková; 1st Faculty of Medicine)
Reg. No.: START/MED/077, 01.04.2021 - 31.03.2023
2) Investigator: Radka Císařová
Tolerogenic dendritic cells and gluten-free diet as a combination therapy for type 1 diabetes.
Reg. No.: START/MED/072, 01.04.2021 - 31.03.2023

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